Alberta Residential and Commercial Solar Program

The Residential and Commercial Solar Program builds on the existing programs in place in Alberta (such as the Alberta Municipal Solar Program and the On-Farm Solar PV Program). This program is designed to make solar power affordable for more Albertans, leading to new panels on 10,000 Alberta rooftops by 2020. It is in the form of a rebate with a total budget of $36 million. The press release by the government specifically mentions

“…cut solar installation costs by up to 30 per cent for residences, and up to 25 per cent for businesses and non-profits.”

The program is retroactive and includes systems with interconnection approval from the Wire Service Provider (WSP) signed on or after April 15, 2017.

Sun Valley Solar + Electrical are:

  • Certified Master Electrician
  • Solar Photovoltaic Systems Certified
  • Member of Solar Energy Society of Alberta

We can make sure your new solar system qualifies for the Alberta Residential and Commercial Solar Program. Contact us to find out how much money you could be saving. Call 403-928-0666.