On-Farm Solar Voltaic Program

The program provides funding towards solar photovoltaics on Alberta farms. This enables producers to conserve non-renewable fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions, ultimately reducing the environmental footprint of Alberta’s agriculture industry. Grants are calculated based on an eligible system’s nominal wattage, up to a maximum percentage of system cost. Third-party contractor-installed systems are funded at a higher rate than self-installed systems. A maximum of 100 kW of solar PV capacity or $50,000 per applicant is available through the program.

Who can participate?

Producers in Alberta with a minimum of $10,000 farm commodity or livestock production income.

Sun Valley Solar + Electrical are:

  • Certified Master Electrician
  • Solar Photovoltaic Systems Certified
  • Member of Solar Energy Society of Alberta

We can make sure your new solar system qualifies for the On-Farm Solar Voltaic Program. Contact us to find out how much money you could be saving. Call 403-928-0666.